Reparación de neón 2

Neon sign repair and creation  

In our own glassworks in the Netherlands we make neon lighting, special neon orders, logos, neon letters and texts. We repair all types of neon from China, America or Europe. We specialize in pre-coated neon glass and have almost all the usual neon colors and diameters in stock.

If a neon is broken then it is sometimes difficult to find the cause or glass break (s). Several glass systems can also be leaking or broken and the transformer can also be damaged. If you send us a clear photo of the broken neon by email, we can give you an estimate of the costs in advance. Repair prices are varied but usually vary between 50,00 and 100,00 Euro excluding VAT.

Do you have a repair? Then use the contact page and attach a photo of the broken neon. We only give price indications based on the email form received.

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