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Neon repair

In our glassblowing shop in The Netherlands we do special neon orders, logo’s, neon letters and text and repair all kind of neon signs from China, America or Europe.

We are specialised in precoated neon glass and we have stock of all common used neon colours and tube sizes

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Glass breakage, leakage and converter break down are the most common problems. A broken neon tube is not always easy to see as you can see in the pictures and leakage is not visible at all. The problem can be in 1 part or several parts at the same time. Only testing in our neon workshop will be the solution.


We can estimate the repair cost in advance if you send us a clear picture of the broken neon sign. Preferable a picture of the broken part(s) and a picture of the complete sign. Repair cost vary but are mostly between 50,00 and 100,00 Euro's excluding VAT.

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Quotation request?

Please fill in the contact form and add the  pictures of the broken sign. We will only reply quotation requests received by the contact form.