ENT 8245 Corvette garage neon

The Corvette garage neon sign is for indoor use only. Our signs are of a high quality and are very affordable because of our specialized series manufacturing process.

The Corvette garage neon is made from neon glass tubes and built with special shock absorbing tube supports connected to a black metal frame. It can be used hanging or standing, is ready for use and comes with an on/off switch and EU plug. Our signs are supplied with a safety converter who will automatically shut down in case of glass breakage or a short circuit.

Neon design: neon colours white, blue and red
Frame size: W x H x D: 70 x 50 x 15 cm

Option: neon dimmer

Option: double carton packing with inside foam

Neon signs are a handmade product which requires specialised glassblowing skills. Glass tubes are manually bend according to a production design. After bending, the glass tubes are cleaned, connected with electrodes and filled with a rare gas neon (red) or argon (blue). A combination of the rare gas with the colour of the tube and its coating inside will give the final colour when lit. Glass connections and electrodes are painted black, the tubes are assembled on a metal frame and are connected to the neon converter. 

Neon signs are a handmade product and can always be a little different from pictures or the mentioned sizes. Also colours may be different and are also depending on your device and the screen used.

Our signs come with a 2 year guarantee for proper functioning. Damages, changes made to the sign and glass breakage are always excluded. Our guarantee is for material and labour cost when repaired in our shop. Transport to and from our shop is excluded from guarantee.

When the sign is out of stock, we can usually supply quickly or if necessary produce it in our glassblowing shop in The Netherlands. In addition, we offer alternative designs with or without in colour printed backgrounds. Have a look at our other neon designs for car brands, gasoline, the fifties, music and much more. We also offer custom made neon, your own neon design, neon letters and neon repair.

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